Do You Need Supplemental Insurance For Dental Care If You Have Medicare?

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Do You Need Supplemental Insurance For Dental Care If You Have Medicare?

28 July 2022
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Medicare is a federal insurance program that covers both people over 65 years of age and anyone with disabilities that qualify them for the program. However, it may not cover everything you need to stay healthy. Regular dental visits are important for a beautiful smile but also for overall good health. Older people commonly need to have dentures made and repaired. One bad tooth can have a detrimental effect on your general health and needs to be addressed promptly. These procedures can be costly, and paying out of pocket is often more expensive than you might have expected. Most of the time, Medicare does not cover dental procedures and you'll need either an Advantage plan from a private insurer or a supplemental plan you take out on your own.

Emergency Situations

Medicare Part A stipulates that dental care may be covered if the situation is life-threatening. That also includes if the dental procedure is part of another emergency treatment such as reconstruction after a car accident. It has to be a life-threatening situation and not simply a serious dental issue. This means that no outpatient procedures or preservative treatments are covered under Medicare Part A. Part B may cover dental care if it is part of treating another underlying health problem such as heart disease. Gum disease and oral abscesses leach bacteria into your blood. This has harmful effects on other organs and interferes with the treatment of other serious illnesses, in which case dental care may be covered by Medicare Part B.

Medicare Advantage

There are many dental coverage options available from the Medicare Advantage program because you're getting extra coverage from a private insurance company for an additional fee. These plans are still combined with your Medicare Part A and B coverage, eliminating the need to find a separate insurance policy on your own. However, you need to read the details on each Medicare Advantage plan before assuming any particular package will include dental care because it will vary between plans.

Supplemental Coverage

Another option available for getting dental services while controlling out-of-pocket costs is by purchasing a separate supplemental policy. This will come from a private insurance company of your choice. You will have to find the right provider, pay out of your own pocket, and deal with any separate filing policies rather than directing everything through your Medicare plan. However, you can shop around and choose from a much wider variety of policies than would be offered through Medicare Advantage. Consider a supplemental policy unrelated to the Medicare program for the best possible dental coverage.

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