When Is It Worthwhile To Sign Up For Medicare Advantage?

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When Is It Worthwhile To Sign Up For Medicare Advantage?

16 February 2023
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Have you reached the age where you are now eligible for Medicare, and you're wondering if you should sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan? It will definitely help to know some of the reasons why people make the switch to get their Medicare through a private health insurer. 

Save You Money

One main reason that people switch to a Medicare Advantage plan is to save money. Medicare Advantage works by allowing private health insurance companies to take what the government normally pays for Medicare and apply it to your premiums. This money helps offset the cost of Medicare and allows the private health insurance company to offer you a free or very low-cost plan. The Medicare Advantage plan may then offer you lower costs out of your own pocket when compared to traditional Medicare, which may even make a paid plan worth it to some people.

Simplify Your Health Care

An appealing aspect of Medicare Advantages is that it combines multiple health insurance policies into a simple plan that is easy to understand. This is because Medicare Advantage plans are required to offer certain benefits to subscribers in order to receive those traditional Medicare premiums as payment. 

Medicare Advantage is a combination of Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D, which is your hospital, medical, and prescription drug insurance respectively. It helps make your health insurance one less thing that you need to think about since you have all the coverage you need no matter what insurance provider you use.

Add Additional Benefits

Looking for additional benefits that you can't get with traditional Medicare? Medicare Advantage can cover things like vision, dental, and hearing coverage, which would be missing from the traditional plan. You may also be able to receive benefits like free transportation to the doctor, a gym membership, and a wellness program. Having access to those benefits is going to encourage you to stay healthy at an older age and promote good health.

Refine Your Network

Looking to keep a particular doctor that does not accept Medicare? It is possible that a Medicare Advantage plan can help refine your network so that the doctor you like is still covered. This is because the doctors that accept Medicare Advantage can form their own agreements with the insurance provider, which makes taking Medicare Advantage more favorable for them. 

Reach out to a Medicare Advantage plan provider for more information about the services they offer.